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Preserving Your HVAC System

All things mechanical need attention or they begin to require repair. Professional HVAC experts always encourage customers to provide regular HVAC system inspections, cleaning and maintenance.

HVAC systems are built for durability. One reason these systems break down and need major repairs is due to lack of proper maintenance.

Signs HVAC Systems Need Attention

Usually, the first sign the HVAC System is not operating according to the manufacturer’s specifications for efficiency is a reduction in indoor air quality.

System owners may notice a dry, dusty odor when the heating system is in operation. This can be due to clogged duct work that should be cleaned by professional duct cleaning services.

A cooling system may not provide adequate temperature control even when the thermostat is set at specified temperature. This may be due to a leak in the cooling system. The thermostat may be at a specific temperature, but the actual room temperature is higher or lower than what is registered on the thermostat.

How Often Should My HVAC System be Cleaned?

A heating and cooling system should have annual tune ups. An HVAC system should be inspected, cleaned and tuned up to maximize efficiency at least once a year.

This depends on the volume of use of heating and cooling units, size and output range of the units and climate. For example, cooling systems need more frequent cleaning in hot, humid temperatures where use is likely to be of a longer seasonal duration and also due to the need for personal comfort.

Conversely, in colder climates, heating systems are a necessity for maintaining warmth and to avoid pipes freezing. In this case, the heating system experiences a higher volume of use.

Volume of use also affects hot and cold air passing through ducts. In very humid climates, duct cleaning may need to be more frequent due to build up of moist air. This buildup can result in mold growth on the interior duct walls. For home and building owners in hot, humid climates, more frequent duct cleaning is necessary.

This is also true for hot, dry climates where dust buildup in ducts and cooling units deteriorates the efficiency and overall operation of the system.

The frequency for cleaning HVAC systems also depends on prior maintenance by former home and building owners. Be sure to check before buying a home when the last date of cleaning was performed on the HVAC system. In most cases, HVAC cleaning professionals will keep a record of system cleanings for you as part of your service contract with them.

How Does Dust Get into HVAC Systems?

Dust enters the system through the duct input vents. Ductwork systems have vents that pull air into the unit and push air out. It’s simple to tell the difference between the two. Output vents allow air to flow outward, while the input vents take air in. Input vents are sometimes called “returns.”

From these vents, air is passed to the unit in a type of circular motion. HVAC systems also include:

  • Coils
  • Condensers
  • Filter racks or “chamber”
  • Fan or “blower”
  • Damper
  • Humidifier
  • Chiller

Each of these parts functions to meet manufacturer’s standards. You can usually find these specifications in your HVAC operations and maintenance (O&P) manual provided at time of purchase of a system, or you can often find the manual online in PDF format by looking up the specific HVAC model and serial number. These are found on the exterior of these units.

Check the Terms of Your HVAC System Warranty

It is important for HVAC system owners to check the terms of their manufacturer’s system warranty. It might include owner responsibility to provide regular HVAC cleaning services to avoid the warranty being invalidated.

Keep a regular supply of filters for heating and cooling units and change them according to the system manufacturer’s recommendation. Changing filters will keep airflow fresh and clean and ensure healthy indoor air quality. Don’t forget to change the batteries in your HVAC thermostat.

The Many Benefits of HVAC Cleaning

In addition to avoiding major discomfort when a heating or cooling system needs repair, usually at the most inopportune times, the other benefits of regular cleaning are savings on the cost of repairs. HVAC cleaning keeps your systems and ductwork functioning safely, properly and worry-free.

HVAC systems are a major part of home and building structures and servicing and cleaning should be any homeowner’s priority. Contact your HVAC and duct cleaning specialists at Action Restoration today to set up an appointment. Don’t forget to ask about an annual HVAC and duct cleaning service contract — the convenient way to ensure your HVAC system is ready when you need it!

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