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Homes can suffer damage through a number of natural events, such as a flood, heavy rain, melting ice and snow, and structural damage from other causes. Broken plumbing, appliance malfunction, fire damage, and drain backup are all problems that homeowners have to deal with — sometimes with catastrophic damage! Cleaning up and restoring a home after extensive damage can be time-intensive and overwhelming, but Action Restoration will help you through the process.

At Action Restoration, we understand the difficulties of dealing with home damage due to unexpected causes. People cannot enjoy their regular home activities or work productively if their surroundings are damaged. Our goal is to help residential and commercial property owners by handling a full range of cleanup services. We have the skill, equipment, and products needed to assist with restoration projects like the following:

Fire Damage

Adding insult to injury, beyond the physical destructiveness of flames, smoke damage may emerge as a secondary issue that must be dealt with after a building fire. Left untreated, smoke can often leave a discolored residue on walls, floors, and ceilings, and that smoky odor may linger for months. We use eco-friendly products to clean up all the damage caused by fire and smoke. Your home will be clean, restored to its original condition, and with no residual smoke scent.

Water Damage

Water damage also may have an ongoing effect with secondary water issues. We will clean up the flooded areas of your home or office as well as any issues that may develop as a result of the water problems. Water stains, weakened building materials, and other structural areas that have been impacted will be restored to pre-loss condition or replaced as needed.


Remediation is important to get to quickly, before current damage can extend, causing health hazards to residents or employees. Offensive or hazardous smells will be removed by using effective procedures and products safely so that people and pets will not be affected.

Our company has been in business for more than 25 years. We take pride in serving the local community with our damage restoration services in Lebanon, TN. Call us to help make your home or office cleaner, safer, and functional following serious damage from problems like those listed above.

If your commercial or residential property in Lebanon has been damaged by water, fire, or hazardous substances, contact us for more information on how we can help return your home or office to its normal, safe, livable condition.

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