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When water damage occurs, it can turn into an expensive problem that can damage multiple items in the home. To combat the problem, it’s important to hire a restoration company that can quickly remove the excess water from your home before it has a chance to make matters worse.

Whether it’s fire damage or water damage, our restoration and remediation experts understand all the best ways to clean it up and make the necessary repairs. Action Restoration serves both commercial and residential customers in Murfreesboro with a full range of damage restoration, cleanup and even reconstruction services to get you back to normal ASAP!

Our Restoration Services

The restoration process will depend on what kind of damage your property has sustained. Whether it’s fire damage or water damage, our restoration experts will first assess the extent of the damage, such as by looking at the walls and furniture to see what kind of damage occurred and how severe it is. Depending on the type and severity of the damage, they will decide the best way to address it and take action quickly.

After the initial damage has been assessed, the goal is to keep it from becoming even worse. In many cases, fire damage and water damage walk hand in hand, which is why your Murfreesboro restoration company works to deal with both problems. In addition to saving whatever furnishings and other items can be salvaged, the items damaged beyond restoration will be removed from the home.

Secondary Water Damage: Adding Insult to Injury

Secondary water damage often comes soon after the primary water damage has occurred. For example, primary water damage happens when your drywall or carpet come into direct contact with the water. Secondary water damage from flooding is when hardwood flooring buckles and the finish is ruined.

Damage that occurs as a result of improper recovery procedures can sometimes happen too, which is why it is important to choose the right Murfreesboro restoration company for the job. We use the latest techniques and powerful dehumidifying equipment to remove all the water and get your home or place of business back to normal, fast!

We have been working in this business for a long time. Because we have dealt with fire, water and smoke damage time and time again in Murfreesboro, we understand what works and what will cause further damage to your home or business. We deal with structural damage as well because sometimes disasters can do damage to the foundation of a home, or can hurt the internal structure in such a way that it requires an expert who understands how to properly restore it. We have the years of experience to help you repair the damage more easily.

Our Restoration Services in Murfreesboro

Action Restoration is a full-service fire and water restoration company serving Murfreesboro and the surrounding area.

When a customer contacts us because of an emergency, we respond much faster than the competition, and we send out technicians that have a better grasp of how to repair water and fire damage. In addition, we offer some of the most competitive rates in the area. People come to Action Restoration because they want prompt servicing that will repair the problem so that they can get on with their lives.

The Action Restoration Difference

As a company, we have taken great strides to ensure that we have hired the right team of professionals to perform the most thorough and effective restoration projects. Our team is well-trained and prepared to take action the moment that you need our help>. We stand behind you with more than 25 years of expertise, the best techniques and equipment in the business, and friendly staff members who will help make a difficult experience a lot less stressful.

For the best fire and water damage restoration, mold remediation and even reconstruction services, we are the Murfreesboro restoration company to call. We’re here to help our customers get their home or business back to the way that it was before.

Don’t let fire or water damage, a plumbing emergency, flooding or storm damage take away what you have worked so hard to build. Contact Action Restoration as soon as you need us, 24/7, for the best disaster recovery services in Middle Tennessee!

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